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Taking on a Full Range of Tax Matters

The tax laws that impact individuals and corporations, estate and gift planning, and employee benefits programs are constantly changing. Kootenai Law Group's tax attorney, Corey J. Smith, has the experience and knowledge from his time in public accounting and as an auditor at the Idaho State Tax Commission, to guide clients through the morass of tax and benefits laws, providing creative and practical solutions to any problem. We represent individuals and business clients in a variety of tax-related matters, please see the list below for more information.
Our services include but are not limited to:
  • IRS/ Idaho Audit Defense: We guide businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations through the IRS and Idaho audit process related to Income Tax and Sales Tax. 
  • Income Tax Planning: At its most basic level, year-end tax planning generally looks at ways to time income and deductions to give you the best possible tax result. This may mean trying to postpone income to the following year (thus postponing the payment of tax on that income) and accelerate deductions into the current year.
  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions: Leveraging our tax law acumen and general counsel experience, we negotiate on behalf of retiring or existing business owners engaged in a merger or acquisition from a position of intellectual agility and strength.
  • Civil Tax Litigation: Kootenai Law Group will focus on keeping your money in your pocket.  Court can be expensive and time consuming. And, for civil tax issues, it is often unnecessary.  Depending upon your circumstances, there are a number of legal strategies we can discuss with you to resolve your tax dispute without engaging in civil tax litigation (i.e. going to court).
  • Tax Collection Matters: When the IRS has erroneously assessed delinquent tax debts, we protest the assessment and show how much, if any, taxes are owed. For clients with delinquent tax debts, we work to create installment agreements, offers in compromise and other arrangements.
  • Tax Structuring: We help both startups and established companies create compensation and stock plans that minimize potential tax impacts.
  • Not For Profit and Tax-Exempt Organizations: We have a full command of the unique tax concerns facing nonprofit agencies, particularly Public Charities, Private Foundations, and Unincorporated Associations. 
Our first objective in any tax controversy is to help our clients resolve their underlying dispute with a tax agency on the best possible terms. You can rely on us to devote the time and energy necessary to develop strong arguments in support of your position.
Beyond that, we strive to help our clients make informed, educated decisions about taxes now and in the future. In short, we want to solve our clients' current tax problems while helping them avoid new ones. 

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Estate Planning

Here at Kootenai Law, we specialize in cases under the Estate Planning section. Let our team help you with your Wills & Trusts, Power of Attorney & more!

Elder Law

We deal with many Elder law cases here at Kootenai Law. Ranging from Guardianship, Medicaid Eligibility, Probate and more. Our Elder Law lawyers can help you out. Call us for an appointment!

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